DKS SocialSmart

DKS SocialSmart
Is an analytical solution that shows you what is happening on social networks, and evaluates the performance of your own account and others across the social web.

DKS SocialSmart content:

Overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of DKS Social Smart.
From the value of each follower, impression, and contact will capture:

  • Value of each publication.
  • Cumulative account value.
  • Share of voice.
  • Brand value indicator.
Brand audience: comparitive analysis

  • Followers by number of profiles followed by brand and competitors.
  • Followers shared by the brand and competitors.
  • Portfolio renewal: followers won and lost by brand and competitors.
KPI comparison by brand and competitors:

  • Reach: number of followers.
  • Activity: number of post/comments by profile.
  • Conversation (daily and global): number of replies by mentions
  • Share of voice: reach delivered through mentions by third parties.
  • Mentions: number of mentions in post by third-party profile.
Sentiment analysis
Sentiment generated in third-party messages
DKS GeoSmart
messages geotagged.
Evolution of competitor mentions

  • Different profile mentions by brand across social media platforms.
  • Different profiles’ mentions by brand on social media platform.
  • Messages listed by brand and profile.
Personalized reports, automatically delivered