Return on Investment

DKS SocialSmart quantifies and calculates the ROI of social media activities and results In a fast and simple way, DKS SocialSmart measures the effort made and results produced by social media. Now you can reliably measure the profitability and return on investment of all your social media campaigns. Opportunity cost is calculated based on ROI [...]

Competitive Intelligence

DKS SocialSmart monitors any accounts you specify, allowing you to group them according to preference. The software analyzes the relative position of your brand compared with competitors, and also shows its evolution over time. The Competitive Intelligence module monitors different brands and their impact throughout social media. DKS SocialSmart understands the current situation and provides [...]

Active Listening

DKS SocialSmart tracks and monitors mentions about your brand and the competition, detecting, gathering and analyzing all types of messages. Active Listening module identifies specific mentions according to defined keywords or RSS. All messages are grouped and analyzed to identify trending topics and evaluate content. DKS SocialSmart analyzes and displays direct mentions to know which [...]

Web Clipping

DKS SocialSmart searches for keywords on the Internet (websites, blogs, forums, social networks,…), identifying the contents of interest doing a ranking of importance . This relevance is calculated depending on what you want to prioritize: The number of times that the keyword is repeated in publication.. Keyword position in the text (title, subtitle, footer,…). Page [...]