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1- Private Api: Direct data connection with 100% reliability. All post, all tweets, all mentions are reliably captured.
2- Public Api: Connections subject to changes by companies do not guarantee 100% reliability and have limitations in the level of mentions captured.
3- Web Clipping: Information search and processing from websites, blogs,RSS, forums and more. Performs text analysis to determine topics covered, main ideas, content summaries…
4- Real time: Data available in real time.  Coming soon!
5- Mentions geolocated by DKS GeoSmart are analyzed by geographic points worldwide, based on activity location, and are identified on a map.
6- Personalized reports: Design reports based on specific needs and requirements.
7- Web analytics integration:  Google Analytics, Omniture, and more… or any other web analysis tool.  Coming soon!
*- Possibility of customization and formation for partners, not for customers.