DKS SocialSmart

DKS SocialSmart is a social analytics tool that  measure and analyzes a brand’s social media commentary and activities. The platform uses leading edge indicators that enable measure of a brand’s performance as well as comparison with competitors. DKS SocialSmart also measures the ROI of social media campaigns and activities in a simple and easy way.

  • DKS SocialSmart uses reliable data and gives you the confidence that you’re never missing a single social comment or action.
  • Adapts to company needs, and segments users as desired.
  • Looks for any news, publication or content about a brand across the web for detailed analysis.
  • Filters all indicators by plataform, account, competitor and more.
  • Clear and understandable data visualization with interactive graphics that are modified according to filters.
  • Automatic generation and delivery of customized reports, saving time and enhancing decision making.